As Interim or Fractional Executive

Need someone to step in as an interim or fractional executive to drive improvements in marketing or talent acquisition? A typical assignment lasts 3-9 months and can be used to fill a critical gap while you look for a suitable replacement.

My ideal client profile for this service is a small to mid-market organization and with concentrated ownership. My cross-functional capabilities run across Strategy and Operations, Marketing and Sales, Customer and Candidate Experience, Talent Acquisition and Performance.

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A Prior Engagement:

I was asked by a repeat client – a professional services firm with $30M in sales – to tackle multiple issues related to business structure, branding, marketing to sales conversions, content marketing and more. They engaged me to serve 3-days-per-week in an Interim CMO capacity to complete the following four (4) objectives:

  1. Provide strategic/advisory assistance for the expansion of a two-division corporate structure; To support the expansion of the corporate brand.
  2. Design and implement content marketing and social strategies; To create related blogging playbook / how-to documentation for future use.
  3. Provide consulting support and show real improvements related to website and organic search; To set up new lead generation approach and Call to Actions (CTAs) for better engagement and improved “marketing to sales” lead activity.
  4. Provide internal talent acquisition support to help team members build candidate pipelines and support current hiring efforts.

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Another Prior Engagement:

I was asked to help reboot a professional services firm with $4M firm and provide hands-on leadership guidance and assistance across marketing, operations, sales and recruiting. While engaged as Interim CMO/COO, I helped the owner turnaround (what was projected to be) a bad year – and while engaged we reached just over $6M in top-line revenues.

The initial three month effort was extended an additional three months, then extended for another six months, and then extended again for a third time (for yet another six months), resulting in a full engagement term that ran a total of 18 months. During our time together we made dozens of other notable improvements to the firm, including:

  • to put a stronger vision and better strategy in place.
  • to hire new talent and put successful, stable and accountable sales and recruiting teams in place.
  • to drive operational excellence into the organization with better processes, tighter feedback systems and role accountability.
  • to lead and implement all marketing and rebranding initiatives, including: upgraded website, social media, content management platform, content marketing and lead generation platforms.
  • to lead and implement new and compelling employer and consumer brands and deliver all new consumer-facing and candidate-facing brand messaging and content.
  • to build up a social presence – and social media programming engine – across Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus.
  • to help the firm gain Inc 5000 and Future 50 award status.

Yet Another Prior Engagement

The owners of a leading technology firm engaged me to launch a brand new talent acquisition function so they could expand past their initial wave of employees. I worked with them to establish a strong employer brand and compelling value proposition, launch an attractive career site, and build out all content and messaging related to the effort.

In addition, we set up a brand new approach to identifying, screening, interviewing, and assessing candidates based on fit across values, culture, performance and skills/performance required to succeed in each role. We also implemented a whole new recruiting program, complete with all new interview processes and scorecards and all the necessary recruiting technologies, stages and workflows, and recruitment/hiring templates and document kits to improve their ability to attract, identify, engage, hire, and onboard the right people.

Their new talent acquisition / recruiting program was up and running within a few weeks, allowing them to quickly begin to recruit candidates and hire new team members. After everything was set up, I jumped in to help source/recruit candidates and hire/onboard new employees.

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