As Project Consultant

Have an idea but need to see if it has legs? Or maybe you want to build up or improve a new or existing business, practice group, department or digital presence? I can add value at the strategic level and work with you on a project by project basis.

My ideal client profile is a small to mid-market organization and with concentrated ownership. My cross-functional capabilities run across Strategy and Operations, Marketing and Sales, Customer and Candidate Experience, Talent Acquisition and Performance.

To help drive marketing initiatives: 

I’ve helped companies drive and encourage change and/or disruption, uncover true vision, mission and strategy, launch new entities, brand and build businesses and initiatives, accelerate market visibility and acceptance, build up and deliver lead generation engines for products and services, collect market data and translate into actionable insights, and get marketing and operations to work as intended.

Technology-wise, I’ve led implementation, and integrated and maintained leading marketing solutions across: Brand Management, Content Management (CMS), Marketing Automation (MAS), Email Marketing, Website and Micro-site Development, Web/Social Analytics, Data Analytics, Contact Management (CRM), Lead Generation, Research and BI, Sales Force Automation, E-Commerce, Collaboration, Blogging and Content Curation, and Social Media Distribution.

To help drive talent acquisition initiatives:

I’ve helped companies attract and hire best-fit talent, keep employees morally engaged and committed, drive a sense of shared ownership across the business, activate true employer brands and value propositions, discover and define culture, develop leadership and improve internal corporate renewal, deliver talent data with actionable insights, and get recruiting, staffing, RPO and “Marketing for HR” to work as intended.

Technology-wise, I’ve led implementation, and integrated and maintained industry leading (and new approach) talent-related solutions across: Applicant Tracking (ATS), Career Website and Micro-site Development, Assessments, Job Boards, Job Distribution, Talent Analytics, Candidate Management (CRM), Recruiting Automation, Referral Management, Content Marketing and Curation, Social Media Distribution, and MOOC/EDU development.

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A Prior Project:

For a growing professional services firm, I was asked to create a new employer brand and EVP messaging from scratch with a clear employer brand, true set of employer value propositions, and related content and messaging.

The job was to build up a new employer brand and set of true value propositions where none existed. The goal was to create a clearly defined and authentic message to help inspire existing employees and attract high-potential candidates into the company.

This was especially challenging because (for the most part) top competitors already had “category-cued salience” – meaning when people thought of this industry a few top competitors always came to mind. The company also had no prior foundation to build on – no past efforts were ever initiated.

I began the engagement by listening to the company. I interviewed executives inside the company to better understand the challenge we were facing. Then, I met with top employees to better understand what they liked most about the company, why they joined, and why they continue to stay committed. I made sure to ask the right questions so I could uncover positive and negative associations with the company. I even evaluated the competition to learn more about the mindshare they each were trying to control.

Once I had the right data, I analyzed all findings and began to build up the true employer brand, a clear set of employer value propositions (EVPs), and key attributes to share with the market.

The company brand is the perceived emotional corporate image as a whole and it should be internally and externally consistent; “We are who we say we are”. Uncovering the true brand takes time and there are no short-cuts, but once completed everything around it falls quickly into place. The single best way to move a new branding initiative like this forward is to limit assumptions and start fresh with new internal discovery.

Once we had a new (and authentic) employer brand in place, I moved to build up a set of true value propositions, and content and messaging around the brand and EVPs. We defined the key values and benefits that potential candidates would gain from connecting to the company. I helped the company better articulate how they were different and stood out from their primary competitors. And I helped to steer brand messaging and content to speak clearly and directly to the right-fit active and passive candidates the company wanted to hire most.

In the end, we had a new, true employer brand centered on four main pillars, a set of six clear (agreed upon) value propositions, and core messaging we could use across career sites, job content and social to help the company stand out in the crowd, attract and engage more of the right people and improve commitment over the long-term.

The project was expanded to include applicant tracking system implementation, candidate sourcing and ongoing month-to-month guidance with the firm.

Another Prior Project:

The founding members of a newly funded venture – a Houston-based, infusion therapy clinic  – engaged me to help them develop the business and establish a new brand and digital presence.

During our time together, I advised and supported the team as we worked across digital best practices, corporate and marketing strategy, go-to-market strategies, digital/online, corporate branding, content marketing, leads development, and more.  Within weeks, we launched the new brand and digital presence – allowing them to pivot efforts away from setup and begin to focus on promoting the business and attracting patients/customers – and then moved to a monthly retainer relationship to continue ongoing support.

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