A Quick Tool Tip on How to Set Business Call to Actions

The way you set your business call to actions (CTAs) – and the tools you use – can have a huge impact on your bounce rates and conversion rates.

A well conceived CTA usually consists of two elements: copy and design.

Design is a visual cue that attracts attention to the call-to-action. Text copy and button copy will help prospects make up their minds in the last moments – before they either decide to click away from your website or click in and engage. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. You need to experiment. The best way to find out what works is to A/B test.


Too big or too bold, and the CTA will make prospects feel pressured to take action. Too small and it won’t generate enough interest – or will be hard to see. All the right words will compel people to take immediate action. Any of the wrong words might motivate them to bounce to another page or away from the site.

Need a great tool to experiment with CTAs?

SumoMe is a website CTA building tool I recommend. They offer a free limited version – but I recommend using Pro. Inside are multiple tool options that allow you to improve interaction, engagement, and A/B testing assumptions. I like to think of this as an additional “onion skin” layer that you place directly on top of your website. It’s simple to set up and easy to rip out.


Here are my favorite SumoMe Pro tools:

  • Share allows you to better understand how many people are clicking and sharing content throughout the website.
  • Scroll Box sets up a newsletter signup box.
  • Contact Form places a side tab that allows people to engage more easily on the web and in mobile.
  • List Builder is for building popup banners on specific pages throughout the site.
  • Smart Bars set a bar along the bottom of specific pages prompting people to do something – download a PDF, reach out, sign up for an event, etc. 
  • Content Analytics helps you see where on the page people begin to drop off so you can set your CTAs above (and not below) that point.
  • Heat Maps allow you to see exactly where people are clicking on the website – and how many times. All of this together, works to help you grow your website’s traffic and drive visitors to take specific actions.


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