How to Close the Job Opening After the New Hire

After each successful hire, it’s important to share the news with all other candidates at various stages of your candidate journey. Some candidates might be a good fit for your team in the future, and some will not, but you respond to everyone who has NOT already received your disqualification email.

Most candidates will assume they did not get the job if they don’t hear from you. And if they are like most other people, they will want closure. Too many companies do nothing. They simply close the job and move on to the next one, leaving people with uncertainty – or frustration and anger.

Even though it might be uncomfortable, giving candidates job closure is both kind and professional. And if you do this correctly, you’ll maybe even secure your next hire and reduce your future cost of hire.

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It’s important to let your candidates down with grace and professionalism. Having our selection criteria already defined will help with with this step because we can point to the criteria and use it as a guide. This approach also serves to provide useful feedback for unsuccessful candidates.

To prepare yourself, go back to the profile of the successful candidate you decided to hire and answer the following questions:

  • Why did he/she get the job?
  • What experience and skills did this candidate have that others did not?
  • What does he/she bring to the firm that the others do not?

Once you have a set of answers, reframe your answers into a brief paragraph to add to your “let down” emails. Keep in mind; there are possibly two types of candidates we’ll be responding to:  (1) those you definitely want to hire in the future and (2) those you want to stay in touch with because you might consider them in the future.

You might want to connect with candidates via a LinkedIn request so you can reach out when there is another open position or another opening that would be a better fit. The key point is to establish a good and positive relationship with a potential employee – and also with their network.

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