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We’ll discuss real-life business challenges to advance your knowledge and skills in the workplace, and encourage (even challenge) you to adapt and grow. We’ll cover basic and advanced-level concepts in an ongoing and incremental manner to reignite your innovative spirit and supplement your skills to move the entire business forward.

Over time, we’ll cover some or all of the following:

Enhance Revenue – You will learn how to evaluate your business model, pricing strategies, product or service offerings, and all related operations to help you create better optimized revenue streams.

Identify Opportunities – You will learn how to identify quality leads and new pipelines, expand companies into new markets, launch and maintain digital media and advertising campaigns. You will learn how to increase market visibility of your business products or services through online/offline marketing as well as social marketing, social networking, and more. You will learn how to create innovative breakthrough ideas and take new products to market.

Align Business & Operations – You will learn how to streamline and align your businesses and Web properties. You will learn how to innovate and take advantage of best practice concepts, tools, and approaches.

Identity, Attract and Hire People – You will learn how to leverage tools and techniques for acquiring qualified applicants and candidates. You will learn how to increase attraction, engagement and retention rates of top performers.

Deliver Programs and Tools – You will learn how to create, realign, and maintain sales, marketing, and recruiting processes and programs and understand, integrate, and maintain sales and marketing related technology systems such as: ASP’s, SaaS, CRM’s, CMS’s, ATS’s, Web 2.0 Social Media and more. You will learn how to build customer / talent acquisition, conversion, and retention programs that work.

Optimize People Experiences – You will learn how to increase the lifetime value (LTV) of your customer bases. You will learn how to reduce the migration of high-value customer segments and increase customer loyalty and effectiveness of cross-selling programs. You will learn how to improve user and customer experiences and processes related to supporting new and existing customer bases.

Think Outside-the-Box – You will learn how to “seed” your company with new ways of thinking. You will learn how to understand and solve challenges and accelerate your on-the-job performance.

Strengthen Relations With Others – You will learn how to create and maintain your social networks. You will learn how to develop new partner and vendor relationships, and consolidate vendors. You will learn how to develop plans to manage ongoing relationships, and optimize the flow of customers throughout customer-centered processes and systems.

Communicate Messages Well – You will learn how to create and execute the necessary marketing plans used to “center” the organization – or help to acquire funding. You will learn how to position your business and corporate messages in a cluttered market or industry. You will learn how to realign brand promises to deliver a coherent customer experience, and extend corporate message out into your market.

Research, Measure & Analyze – You will learn how to analyze marketing data to generate forecasting data and research new markets. You will learn how to understand your customer’s needs and requirements. You will learn how to extract the right information from your current customer bases and leverage that information. You will learn how to research your competitors, industry trends, and competitive activities, and initiate polls and panels and in-person interviews, and develop metrics and organizational models for running the business.

Who should subscribe?

It should be considered for an audience ranging from entry-level and mid-level business executives who want to increase their own business domain skills and on-the-job performance, all the way up to seasoned executives looking to stay up-to-date and informed.