Strategy & Marketing

I’ll help you launch new businesses, reset your strategy, or get marketing to run as it should. Then, together we’ll make even more improvements and grow the business.

I help CEOs solve difficult problems. Most bring me in when they need to make real improvements to their business and need to do one or more of the following:

  • activate entirely new initiatives or business ventures
  • develop and set new business strategies
  • identify new business opportunities for growth
  • activate strong brands and value propositions
  • create brand stories and compelling narratives
  • implement or manage complex consulting projects
  • get marketing to work as it should
  • build up new content marketing engines
  • build up new lead management systems
  • research, analyze and translate customer data into insights
  • design new approaches to create network-effect advantage
  • uncover untapped opportunity, partnerships, talents
  • evaluate, choose and implement best-practice marketing solutions

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5 Prior Engagements:

The co-founders of a new funded startup – an infusion therapy clinic – engaged me to help them launch the firm and digital presence. I advised them on best practices, strategy, and approach – and then worked with them to launch a new website (on WP), corporate brand, services content, blog, call to actions, and more – all within a few weeks. After the successful delivery of “phase one” work, we changed over to a retainer-based, interim CMO relationship (phase two) where I continued to advise them across marketing, sales, and operations – all while working to integrate related technologies, build up SEO, expand content marketing, set up social media, and implement a popular CRM and scaleable lead generation program to deliver online leads to sales.

The owner of a $5M title firm wanted to grow the business but wasn’t clear on the most productive path to take that would generate the best ROI. I was engaged to research the competition and external market (to uncover best-practices and market opportunities), assess the firm’s marketing processes/capabilities and approach (including a 24 point inspection of the existing website), and scope out an orderly SOW roadmap with 3-5 future projects (complete with financial investment ranges, timelines, ROI potential, and full details on approach and path to implementation) to be used as RFP material.

The owner of a $50M professional services firm engaged me to identify and recruit a large number of new full-time employees. I redirected internal resources, took over all internal recruiting and identified and recruited a large number of new full-time employees, and reduced the average cost of hiring by approximately 300% per new hire.

A startup CEO was creating a disruption in local advertising with a new approach and rewards program services to help merchants get new customers to use their products. I was engaged to implement a brand new sales program, including: working sales program, sales processes, recruitment of core sales team, on-boarding assistance, sales training, and more.

The owner of a $30M health care firm engaged me to focus business strategy, build out their marketing department, develop metrics to understand costs and opportunities associated with new customer acquisition, optimize their website to increase customer traffic, and develop campaigns that together led to new service sales and 150% increase in site traffic.

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How Others Engage Me:

As Interim/Fractional CMO

Need someone to step in to build or lead? A typical interim assignment lasts 3-9 months and fractional CMO support can be as short or as long as necessary. Continue reading

As Project Consultant

Need someone to improve an existing business, practice group, or marketing or talent acquisition function? Need someone to set up an entirely new digital presence or new business entity? I can work with you on a project by project basis. Continue reading

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