Recent Interim CMO and Content Marketing Project

Recently, I was asked by a repeat client – a middle-market, professional services firm – to tackle multiple issues related to business structure, branding, marketing to sales conversions, content marketing and more. The firm engaged me to serve 3-days-per-week in an Interim CMO capacity to accomplish the following:

  1. Provide strategic/advisory assistance for the expansion of a two-division corporate structure; To support the expansion of the corporate brand.
  2. Design and implement content marketing and social strategies; To create related blogging playbook / how-to documentation for future use.
  3. Provide consulting support and show real improvements related to website and organic search; To set up new lead generation approach and Call to Actions (CTAs) for better engagement and improved “marketing to sales” lead activity.
  4. Provide internal talent acquisition support to help team members build candidate pipelines and support current hiring efforts.

A few of the individual tasks we accomplished together included:

  • integration of a new Human Capital division into the existing website, creating one more unified corporate brand with two related groups of practice.
  • review of over 50+ competitors to better understand the business, learn the correct terminology, and identify the right set of primary and secondary audiences.
  • analysis of the top competitors – based on search engine results – to learn best use of optimized content and keyword building. (We looked at well over 20+ companies that ranked well for specific keywords to understand what was working and what was not – and took the best from each one.)
  • collection and analysis of over 15,000 industry keywords and phrases. (We later narrowed the field to create much smaller more useful sub-groups, and then ranked the remainder based on the value they would provide to our search engine and content marketing efforts.)
  • hundreds of major and minor improvements to website content and structure. (Most of the changes were made to boost SEO, drive more leads, improve credibility and reach, and improve our ability to influence prospects and clients.)
  • set up a new content approach around designing, publishing, and delivering content that people see as meaningful and relevant to where they are in the AIDA process.
  • set up of a new best practice blogging playbook (along with over 200 blog subject titles, associated keywords, etc. for the team to consider when drafting and publishing internal content to the blog.)
  • set up of a new link building strategy to help optimize solutions pages and other pages throughout the site.
  • set up of a new social media campaign with content (auto publish via a social campaign tool) set to run over a six month term.
  • set up of a new lead generation approach to drive leads to Sales. (set it up with a combination of SumoMe,, Zapier, WP plugins, and more.)
  • creation of 100s of Call-to-Actions (CTAs) throughout the website. (Doing this improves the chance of site visitors reaching out, connecting, engaging).
  • revision (rewrite actually) of dozens of older blog posts with more relevant keywords and phrases to improve each post’s ability to come up higher in search engines.

After successful completion of the effort, I handed over all access codes for tools and technologies, play books and best practice materials, and more. I left behind all my related “sandbox” notes and competitive research, and privately shared everything with my client (via Google Drive with “edit” permissions). And after our review meeting, I delivered a professionally bound 76 page document where I summarized the full project scope, and all work completed by me – as well as a list of noteworthy results.

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