The Marketing Assessment Every Business Owner Needs

Most business owners know the right kind of marketing can help to grow their business. But what’s the right kind of marketing? To find out, begin with a marketing assessment.

Some people have “tried everything” but end up with nothing to show for their efforts. Others take no action because they believe whatever they do won’t be enough to generate leads, impact sales or deliver ROI. Then there are those who have had success in the past but are now unsure. Well, there’s good news for all.

The assessment

Recently, a client wanted a marketing assessment and roadmap of the next 3-5 marketing projects. They wanted to use it to help to reset marketing, deliver ROI and grow the business.

The client didn’t have an in-house CMO and wanted to know what was possible for their business. They wanted to know what they would have to do to deliver return on investment (ROI) for their marketing efforts. They also wanted a well-organized roadmap of future projects to use as a resource guide.

The process

We’ll meet the first time to discuss your challenges, strategies and goals. Next, I’ll conduct in-person meetings or phone discussions with your team. Then I’ll collect feedback, and do a deep-dive (research) into your company.

I’ll do all of this to establish baselines, find out where you want to take your business, and also to uncover what’s working – and what’s not. Most of us tend to hold one or two preconceived notions as truths that fall apart under scrutiny. It’s important to past this and see your business as clearly and as accurately as possible.

Next, I’ll have myself – or someone on my team – assess the external market and competition – including industry characteristics, behavior, and trends. We’ll assess the marketing efforts of your top 5-10 competitors to help you better understand their successes, growth strategies, website platform efforts, use of marketing technology, marketing assets and investments, and even how they think and act related to lead generation, sales, content marketing, blogging, PR/media, social media and more.

We’ll review your existing marketing collateral materials, including brochures, pitch decks, trade show materials, and more. And we’ll review your online brand to help you understand how well the existing website, content, and social media presence reflects the brand, builds trust, and fuels growth.

We’ll provide you with a detailed website analysis where we grade critical components and assign each one a priority level using a green-yellow-red color system. During the inspection, we review everything from branding and identity to creative assets to user experience to site performance to organic search capability to marketing technology utilization to mobility and more.

This inspection will provide you with a set of insights and practical steps to make your website more effective and shows you where to focus your efforts to make immediate improvements.

During our time together, we’ll learn as much as we can about your current market position, future opportunities, challenges and goals, current market position, prior marketing successes and challenges, and products/services and target (and potential) markets.

The deliverables

We do all the above to support the key deliverables in our marketing assessment, including:

  • Assessment Report​ – 20-40 page report that includes all findings, impacts and recommendations.
  • RoadMap of Future Projects​ – high-level project plan that includes tasks, activities, components, dependencies, KPIs to measure, pricing fee ranges, and time frames needed to implement 3-5 project initiatives (in the right order).
  • Quick Hits Report​ – list of DIY activities to be implemented in the short-term (within 1-3 months).
  • Shared Google Drive – folder with “edit/owner” permissions containing all “sandbox” items, including draft notes, ideas/thoughts and research notes collected during our time together.

The Assessment + Roadmap (as delivered) is designed as a starting point for all future marketing work. We back into the right strategy based on our findings and all programs and services recommended by us will be custom fit for your unique situation and requirements. For each project, we show all related marketing technology requirements, timelines and investments for completion.

Our assessment and roadmaps are high-level, yet detailed enough for most any seasoned marketing team or competent third-party marketing agency to follow and implement.

(Note: We are also set up to implement, and even manage, the new strategy and marketing projects. And, depending on your unique situation, someone on my team can serve in a project execution role, business advisory role, or other support arrangement role.)

CHRISTOPHER MENGEL brings over 20 years of insights to business owners and talent leaders inside emerging technology and professional services firms to implement new initiatives, develop new strategies for growth, carry out organizational and cultural change, manage complex projects, and fill business-critical roles. Have a challenge you want to solve? Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter and subscribe to his posts or contact him.

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