Launch New Infusion Therapy Clinic + Fractional CMO Service

Recently, the founding team of a newly funded venture – a Houston-based, infusion therapy clinic  – engaged me to help them develop the business and establish a new brand and digital presence.

During our time together, I advised and supported the team as we worked across digital best practices, corporate and marketing strategy, go-to-market strategies, digital/online, corporate branding, content marketing, leads development, and more.  We launched the new brand and digital presence within a few weeks – allowing them to pivot efforts away from setup and begin to focus on promoting the business and attracting patients/customers.

We began the project with a set of discovery sessions and advisory support sessions to help the core team structure a solid foundation and approach. We collaborated through ad-hoc breakout sessions, check-ins, and support via phone, text, and email, and we worked in a completely transparent manner.

We set up a “shared folder” in Google Drive and packed it with necessary company-specific resources, roadmaps and guides, and outlines for new processes – all for current/future work across marketing strategy, SEO, content, branding, go-to-marketing, patient portal development, competitive analysis, tech/tools comparisons and best practices, and more. Working this way allowed us to establish a “container” for everything we did together, built up a structure for the new marketing/sales departments, and gave us a way to effectively collaborate across multiple strategy docs, “sandbox” exercises, content outlines, new processes, and more.

After successful delivery of “phase one” project work, we restructured our relationship into a “phase two” relationship – a retainer-based, Fractional CMO Service – for ongoing buildout of their efforts. In our current setup, I continue to advise them across marketing, sales, and operations but now also work behind the scenes to implement and connect various technologies (patient portal, payment system, CRM, marketing automation software, etc.), build up the content suite and expand content marketing efforts, scale up social media across platforms, and put in place a scaleable lead generation program to deliver leads to sales, and so on.

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