New Strategic Talent Acquisition Program

Recently, I was asked by a leading technology client to launch a brand new strategic talent acquisition program so they could expand past their initial wave of employees.

I worked with them to establish a strong employer brand and compelling value proposition, launch an attractive career site, and build out all content and messaging related to the effort.

During our time together, we set up a brand new approach to identifying, screening, interviewing, and assessing candidates based on fit across values, culture, performance and skills/performance required to succeed in each role. We also implemented a whole new recruiting program, complete with all new interview processes and scorecards and all the necessary recruiting technologies, stages and workflows, and recruitment/hiring templates and document kits to improve their ability to attract, identify, engage, hire, and onboard the right people.

The work was done in a completely transparent manner. The project included advisory support to help guide leadership. It also included the sourcing and recruiting of candidates and the hiring and onboard of new employee to assist the hiring team. We collaborated through ad-hoc breakout sessions, check-ins, and support via phone, text, and email and we set up a shared Google Drive folder with a complete document library of resources.

Their new strategic talent acquisition program (which included a fully-customized recruitment program) was up and running within 6-7 weeks, allowing them to quickly begin to recruit candidates and hire new team members. A few months after the completion of the project, I was brought back in to serve as their outsourced head of talent acquisition.

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