Recent Talent Attraction Survey Design Project

One of my clients – a large manufacturing firm, with thousands of employees in multiple offices across the United States and abroad – came to the conclusion they needed a more strategic approach to talent acquisition. A few weeks after we started working together, it was determined they needed to use an attraction survey to get to the heart of why people joined and stayed working at their organization.

Specifically, they wanted to use the attraction survey to:

  • identify what was holding them back from attracting even more of the people they wanted to hire most.
  • strengthen their employer brand and value proposition and make sure they were promoting an “authentic inside-out” view and messages.
  • use new insights to help them understand how to find and keep the people who could help them deliver on their brand promise.
  • and get to the root and solve other underlying problems (if there were any).

Their talent acquisition team was busy working on other initiatives and so my team was engaged to draft an attraction survey design document using an approach that would help them collect a wide range of preferences, opinions, attitudes, and interests of employees.

We set up a blended survey design using a structured approach (to collect the data, including: email/web-based surveys, phone or in-person interviews, and focus groups) and added an unstructured, research-driven effort (to collect additional data, including: employee-initiated feedback, employee reviews on third-party websites (Glassdoor), unsolicited comments across social media (twitter, linkedin, facebook) to run while the primary, structured effort was underway.

This two-part approach would help our client collect and combine useful data from even more sources and touch points. With all of their merged data – from both structured and unstructured data survey-related approaches – they would be in a much better position to understand and act on the preferences of their best employees and the candidates they want to hire.

We designed the survey documentation to answer the following questions:

  • How is our organization perceived as an employer when compared to other companies in our field?
  • What specifically makes our organization attractive to candidates?
  • Which aspects of our employer brand (as it relates to attraction and engagement) are functioning at a high/low level.
  • What sources are used by candidates to find, and learn about, our organization?
  • How can we use our employer-of-choice status to deliver more successful outcomes across attraction, engagement, recruitment, hiring and retention.
  • What are the ways we can improve communication in our organization?

We organized it so collection would begin with qualitative and quantitative data survey-based data and reporting, and then move to employee interviews, then one-on-one interviews, and then focus group(s), with web-based data collection happening all along the way.

In this project, we delivered an approach documentation, complete with outcomes/goals, survey objectives and deliverables. We outlined and specified the area of survey, attributes/values and question format (5 types), survey timelines (with hour/range), survey format (with respondents, populations, confidence levels, and more), and survey technology. We even included an eight (8) step survey/interview/analysis process for them (or us) to follow.

The insights gained from the actual survey will be used to help the organization learn more about what their employees really think and feel. It will support our future efforts as we work with them to improve their employer brand, brand messages, and value proposition. And we’ll use it to support next-stage initiatives, such as:

  • rethinking/optimizing processes and structures all across the talent acquisition landscape.
  • creating a forward-looking roadmap of projects to optimize their operating model.
  • delivering a best practice playbook for recruiters and hiring managers to (pre-hire to on-boarding).

With this new attraction survey material in hand, our client is primed and ready to begin to set up, test and launch their employee attraction survey. And we’re super excited to support them on their journey toward enlightenment.

Want us to help you set up an attraction survey?

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