Business Turnarounds

I’ll help you diagnose the real issues holding back your business. Then, together we’ll reset and adapt to change.

When you hire me to help turnaround your business, we’ll begin with a brief audit to better understand your new reality. Based on the results, I’ll recommend solutions and a set of action items to implement. Most engagements of this nature take between 3 and 12 months.  It’s been my experience that those who can adapt to modest change and have the will to succeed achieve the best outcomes. Fees are determined by severity of the problem and are most often set as “fixed fees”, though in some instances will include a performance component.

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3 Prior Engagements

The owner of a $4M firm engaged me to serve as interim CMO/COO to help “reboot”, shape and reposition the firm – and to provide leadership support and hands-on assistance across marketing, operations, sales and recruiting. I helped the firm turnaround what was to be a bad year and together, we almost doubled top-line revenues.

The owner of a $1M firm (with multiple retail/service locations) engaged me to help him come up with a new plan to reform the existing corporate structure and to create a new equity ownership plan to share value across a core team of regional managers.

The owners of a $2M firm engaged me to help restructure the way two owners were to relate with each together moving forward. By helping the firm refocus it’s strategy and capabilities, and by separating solutions out onto two different business and Web platforms, we were able to deliver the right amount of value to each owner/operator.

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