Why Hire Me

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Here’s how I can serve your firm:

Executives and CEOs in emerging and mid-size companies engage me to help them clarify issues, get unstuck and solve their most critical problems. I can help to grow your business and improve enterprise value by working with you to:

  • Ideation and Vision – I’ll help you think up the right new idea to make a better product, service, technology, customer experience or business model.
  • Strategy and Roadmaps – I’ll help you design a strategic roadmap to achieve your goals and allocate resources to respond to opportunities and threats.
  • Business Processes – I’ll help you build new programs or and improve efficiencies in your existing business across marketing, talent acquisition, and operations.
  • Technologies and Tools – I’ll help you set up whole new technologies, frameworks, platforms, and tools to improve experiences and conversion rates.
  • Talent Acquisition – I’ll help you improve your ability to attract, engage and hire talented people and build up a more strategic approach to talent acquisition.
  • Corporate Development – I’ll help you fix an existing operation or help you to deliver a new practice group or branch office or new businesses.

Here’s what I bring to your firm:

  • the right strategy and tactical experience with a proven track record.
  • a fresh perspective and new approaches with optics to identify the right problem.
  • the art and science of business and ability to implement solutions.
  • lots of best practices and knowledge across industries and functions.
  • real hands-on experience as an operator who has “been there done that”.
  • deep and wide skills to improve outcomes across multiple fronts.
  • the ability to lead and manage people, and generate enthusiasm and action.


  • activate employer brands and employer value propositions
  • create employer brand stories and compelling narratives
  • implement or manage complex talent consulting projects
  • get talent marketing (Marketing for HR) to work as it should
  • build up new talent pipelines and sourcing engines
  • research, analyze and translate talent data into insights
  • evaluate, choose and implement best-practice talent solutions

Note: All of the talent acquisition work I do is through my latest venture, TalentSum.


  • activate entirely new initiatives or business ventures
  • develop and set new business strategies
  • identify new business opportunities for growth
  • activate strong brands and value propositions
  • create brand stories and compelling narratives
  • implement or manage complex consulting projects
  • get marketing to work as it should
  • build up new content marketing engines
  • build up new lead management systems
  • research, analyze and translate customer data into insights
  • design new approaches to create network-effect advantage
  • uncover untapped opportunity, partnerships, talents
  • evaluate, choose and implement best-practice marketing solutions


  • reboot processes, technologies or entire systems
  • reboot entire businesses, departments or functions
  • rethink entire businesses; disrupt to compete
  • speed up organizational and cultural change
  • enter an interim role as stop-gap solution
  • reboot the marketing department
  • reset brands across sites, content, technology and social
  • set new goals, vision, mission and strategies
  • gather insights to shape culture, brands and value propositions

How Others Engage Me:


As Interim VP / Fractional CMO

Need someone to step in to head up your marketing efforts? A typical interim assignment lasts 3-9 months. Fractional can be as short or as long as necessary. Both can be used to fill a critical gap while you look for a suitable replacement… Continue reading

As Project Consultant

Have an idea but need to see if it has legs? Want to build up or improve a new business, practice group, department or new digital presence? I can support your strategic consulting needs and work with you on a project by project basis…Continue reading

As Part-time / Temporary

Need specialized skills and knowledge for a temporary period of time? Looking for a fresh perspective to help with strategic planning and cultural transformation? Or maybe you need to fill a vacant executive position while you do the search…Continue reading

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