Why Storytelling is Critical to Talent Acquisition

Imagine yourself walking along and just as you decide to become a circus juggler two clowns approach you with similar jobs at different circuses. One clown tells you their job is open because another juggler dropped the ball.

The other clown shares a story about how their circus was started over 75 years ago and now employs over 500 employees. She tells you about a recent gig they did for the Queen of England and that the entire team is starting to prepare “Smilapalooza”, their third annual around-the-world tour for kids.

Just before leaving, this same clown adds: “We’re looking for someone like you and I believe you would be a great addition to our juggling team and a real asset to the circus. Our mission is to make the whole world smile.”

Which job would you want to take? I’d take the second every time.


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